changing things round again

Got totally fed up with my previous theme, needed a change. Yes, I think it was pretty – that’s exactly the problem. It was too pretty for me to cope with it long-term. Needed something cleaner. So today we say goodbye to the beautiful Dusk to Dawn theme and hello to the much cleaner, more minimalist look of Reddle.

this does mean a bit of housekeeping for me as Reddle shows the posts differently and I’m not ecstatic about that, I’m going to go backstage for a bit and see if I can get round it… I have an idea…

Housekeeping Day


So I’ve set up a Facebook Page for this blog, and I’ve added a page here with links to my other blogs – hope it’s not too confusing…

Still on the to do list: put notices on each of the other blogs to direct readers to this one.

A blogger’s work is never done… :)

EDIT @ 1 October 2012: I ended up disabling the Facebook page after a while. Felt it wasn’t worth the bother.