Forget about trying to be a good samaritan


So I’m sitting there and listening to a bunch of people talking about the parable of the Good Samaritan and I’m seeing them getting tangled in all kinds of what if this and what about that and they’re totally missing … Continue reading

Come and see!

img_20190411_111857-0168037818.jpegI was standing by the back door and looking at a tree. Specifically: at a little branch, with spring buds, in the gentle sunlight. My heart ached with the beauty of what I was seeing, and I felt: I’d love to share this beauty with people online, but I know I can’t. I can take a picture and share that (and for what it’s worth, here it is) but the picture won’t do it justice. Even if I edit it on Snapseed or whatever – it still won’t really show the beauty that I saw.

And words can’t do it either, even though I’m good with words.

And I thought: it’s a bit like Continue reading