some rambly thoughts about accepting praise from people


This is a rambly “thinking aloud” post. I’ve had thoughts going round in my head ever since I got into a really interesting conversation with a fellow photographer on Google Plus – the guy is clearly an encourager at heart, … Continue reading

digital graffiti

Not sure this is quite the most sane way of reminding people that I also do visual art and share it on my Meanderings blog…

meanderings with sam and beyond

This started from a photo my friend Max Rubenacker posted on Google+. It was a photo of a wall, with interesting smudges which just grabbed me and made me feel like graffitiing that wall. And Max let me do it! I enjoyed this process so much it should probably be illegal.

(I made three, but this is my favourite. Which is kind of interesting considering that my initial thought was that I wanted to write on that wall. But once you let your right brain start playing, you never know what’s going to come out.)

I used my usual photo editor, PicMonkey – they have a drawing feature, where you can choose colour, brush thickness, and brush hardness. When choosing colour, you can point it to a bit in the image itself and tell it to use that colour – which is what I did for different parts, so the…

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