FB Privacy Settings Alert – one more time ;-)

ALERT!! New privacy issue with Facebook! As of tomorrow, Facebook will creep into your bathroom when you’re in the shower, smack your tush, and then steal your clothes and towel. To change this option, go to Privacy Settings > Personal Settings > Bathroom Settings > Smacking and Stealing Settings, and uncheck the Shenanigans box. Facebook kept this one quiet. Copy and paste this on your status to alert the unaware!

*sigh* it seems like every time I go onto Facebook there is some form of emotional blackmail going on.


Either I’m supposed to show my respect to all people with cancer by copying&pasting a message, or declare how wonderful my husband is, or – oh yes, the latest was to show my dedication to Jesus by proudly copy&pasting this bit of emotional blackmail so that other friends would feel pressurised too… *end of eyeroll*

so which site do I prefer

A friend asked me which of all the sites I’ve joined I prefer, and I thought I might as well copy&paste my reply into a post for others:

depends what you use it for – I like Multiply best for the stuff that Multiply is really good for, which is real personal interaction, being able to go really deep (whilst also being able to do silliness as well), also being able to get to know people easily through groups (which is where I met several people who have become my friends over time, about half my contacts list is people I met through groups). the Multiply inbox is a wonderful tool, really helpful for keeping up to date with the stuff you want to, and you can find old posts here too – unlike Facebook where it’s nearly impossible to find anything that’s older than last week or so. The tag system also helps so much with that. And being able to design our own sites according to our personal preferences, so when you visit someone’s site it feels like you’re a guest in their home.

so there is a lot I like about Multiply. but for blogging I think WordPress is wonderful and Multiply is just kind of ok. and for a lighter kind of social networking I think Google+ is fantastic – or it will be once more people join. I have been on Facebook for a few years but only because there’s a whole bunch of people I want to keep in touch with and they hang out on FB – I think FB is pretty abysmal and when I heard about Google+ coming out I was keen to check it out because I detest FB so much… and from what I’m seeing so far (it is still in Beta so not the final product yet) they are doing most of the FB stuff but doing it way way way way better… and they are showing a huge level of sensitivity to privacy concerns – unlike Mark “privacy is so last year” Zuckerberg…

so right now I’m really enjoying checking G+ out and I’m really hoping lots of people will join. It will not replace Multiply – it’s not set up for the same purpose – but for those people who prefer their social networking more fb-style, this can be a fantastic alternative.
have you joined Google+ yet? yes, it’s by invitation only at this stage but if I know you I’d be happy to send you an invitation. just PM me your email address if I don’t have it yet.

“believe that” vs. “believe in” – a rambling about words

I was looking at someone’s Facebook profile and saw what he’d put down under Religious Views:

Messianic Jewish
Jewish people who believe that Y’shua (Jesus) is the promised Messiah of our people. And for the world!

I’m always interested to see what Jewish people who share my faith put down in that section, because it’s something we’re having to be creative with expressing, we have to think what to say – if you’re a non-Jew and you believe in Jesus you can just say “Christian” and be done with it (though yes, of course we could spend all night discussing what people mean by the term “Christian”… but that’s another story) but if you’re Jewish and believe in him and you want to state your faith, the terminology is less clear and obvious. Which is why some choose to add an explanation.

Now I looked at this guy’s explanation of what “Messianic Jewish” means and I thought: hmmm… I’m not sure I’d go with this… because our faith is about much more than just believing that… believing a set of statements about Jesus is not enough. As the Bible says, “even the demons believe”, so what is it that makes the difference? The difference is believing in Jesus – putting our trust in him, trusting in his sacrifice on our behalf, trusting in him as the way to the Father…
I spent over 12 years believing a set of statements about Jesus before I came to real faith in him.

some reasons why I think facebook is blah

having been on facebook for about a fortnight now and been holding my tongue and behaving myself, I finally got to the point now of posting this status update:

ok, I’ve really tried to avoid saying this, but I’ve got to get this off my chest: Facebook news feed absolutely sucks. there, I feel better now.

what prompted this outburst, you ask? I had posted a photo album one day last week, when I was feeling creative enough to explore how to post photos there (not quite as straightforward as here, but I managed in the end), and it was only today, by accident, that I discovered that someone had responded to it. how did I discover that? because I happened to go to this person’s page (wall? give me a break…) and saw on her list that on 29 October she “liked” meirav’s photo…

not only did this never show up in my news feed, it never even showed up on my wall (ok, it’s a stupid name but there you go) – I’m so used to the Multiply Inbox, where I can see everything that I need to see all in one place – comments on my posts, contacts’ posts, group posts, you name it and it’s there – but in fb I have to keep running around from one place to another or I can miss that someone has noticed my photo!!!


(and of course you can’t use html there, and you can’t post something for just a certain bunch of friends or just family or all those things we take for granted here… but I’ll stop here.)

edit: and you can’t edit your comments there… blah…