15 years without bacon: it ended with quiche


There’s lots of reasons why people give up certain things they enjoy: sometimes it’s to do with health, sometimes ethics, sometimes you just need to make budget cuts, or you get mocked by your friends for something they think is … Continue reading

Yay! Resistance isn’t futile! (but it used to be!)


So I’m sitting here with a box of very yummy chocolatey things beside me, and revelling in freedom. No, not the freedom to nosh these yummy things, though that’s nice too :) No, while I do love eating yummy chocolatey … Continue reading

All work and no play makes meirav a big fat lump

no, I don’t mean because of sitting down at my desk too much, I mean because what tends to happen if my Inner Child is needing to play and my Stupid Adult is denying that need, what my Stupid Adult does in order to get my Inner Child to shut up is to say: here are some sweeties, you like those, don’t you, now have these and let me get on with some work…of course this isn’t the only factor in how I gained all these superfluous kilos that I’m now trying to get rid of… but it is one of the factors that I’ve identified and am trying to work on. the reason the sweeties option seems so appealing (apart from the fact that, let’s face it, sweeties are nice) is that it’s so quick, as opposed to the things that my Inner Child is really needing, which do take time – but time well spent, as the end result is I’m a happier bunny and therefore more productive (and also less inclined to snap at people).

another reason is that eating sweeties is something I can do without anyone knowing. so I can pretend to be being grown-up and sensible…

so, you may be asking, what brought this to my mind just now? one reason is because I restarted my diet recently, so the subject of reasons why I eat stuff I shouldn’t eat is more at the forefront of my mind. another reason is because of having finally gone and got this camera – because that was something my Inner Child had been wanting for ages, and my Stupid Adult kept saying stupid things like: do you really need it? why do you need a digital camera when you’ve got a perfectly good camera that works just fine? but, you know what – I don’t think that really is sensible, I think it’s burying your head in the sand and trying to pretend that this little girl inside you that is bouncing up and down and yelling in your ear is just going to go away and shut up if you ignore her long enough, or that you can just keep feeding her chocolates instead. And at the end of the day, you could have bought several digital cameras and possibly a second-hand car with the amount of money you have wasted on chocolates. And taking photos doesn’t make you fat!

Grown-ups – sometimes they just don’t get it…