Forget about heaven – why on earth I follow Jesus

Religion, people sometimes say, is all about pie in the sky when you die. And why give up good stuff now for something that may or may not materialise later?

So it may surprise you to hear that “later” was not why I became a Christian Continue reading

my blue plastic box, and other jumbled thoughts from this evening’s sermon

thank you Jesus that you have given me the promise of undeserved citizenship in heaven. thank you that just as I know that one day I’ll die, thanks to you I know that I will live forever. you’ve promised you were going to prepare a place for us and that you yourself would take us there, and what joy it is to know that – – –

an image that came to my mind when hearing the sermon in church this evening – as our pastor was talking about storing riches in heaven (as opposed to the very temporary and perishable treasures we accumulate on earth) – I was reminded of my blue plastic box:

a long time ago I had what I think of as my nomadic era – Continue reading