When do as you’d be done by means doing as you wouldn’t be done by (spoiler: it’s hard)


So yesterday I had to make a phone call and speak to someone who’s just lost her husband. The toughest thing for me about it? I had to do to her something I’d absolutely hate if I were in her … Continue reading

highs and lows – all good though


Yesterday was a wonderful day. Today I’m tired, staying in and recharging, but I’m ok with that. In both the highs and the lows I celebrate the unconditional love I have from God – he gave me strength yesterday to … Continue reading

Online grieving

I didn’t change my online headshot to the Peace for Paris image, nor did I add a French flag overlay. Does that mean I don’t care about those who were killed there on Friday night?

It doesn’t. Of course not.

But what about those people who did? Some will say it shows they care, and yet others say it’s a shallow, superficial gesture Continue reading