“Well, actually…” – Xmas thoughts from your friendly pedantic blogger


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Singing carols when you’re a pedant is hard. Because, come on – we all know Jesus wasn’t born on Christmas day, right? and very probably not in midwinter, and very very very probably not in the snow. Also: I’m pretty … Continue reading

Yay! Resistance isn’t futile! (but it used to be!)


So I’m sitting here with a box of very yummy chocolatey things beside me, and revelling in freedom. No, not the freedom to nosh these yummy things, though that’s nice too :) No, while I do love eating yummy chocolatey … Continue reading

Who can stand


I stand before the cross of Christ
Or… no, I can’t. I have no right.
I have no right to stand here, free
When he, the holy one, has died – for me!

I bow before the cross of Christ
And weep
And weep
And weep my thanks

His blood poured out in love for me
His body hanging on that tree
It leaves me with nothing
Nothing to say except
Thank you
And I’m sorry
And thank you.

What else can I say

“because of our sins we were exiled”


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Dipping into a book about Judaism, I came across an interesting prayer. It’s one that was added to the synagogue liturgy after the destruction of the Temple, and it’s basically telling God why we can’t bring him sacrifices as he … Continue reading

What’s a nice Jewish girl doing in church?


It’s Sunday today and I’m looking forward to my weekly dose of church. But when people hear I’m Jewish and I go to church, the reaction is sometimes – unsurprisingly – surprise. And I can tell you for sure: if … Continue reading