Come and see!

img_20190411_111857-0168037818.jpegI was standing by the back door and looking at a tree. Specifically: at a little branch, with spring buds, in the gentle sunlight. My heart ached with the beauty of what I was seeing, and I felt: I’d love to share this beauty with people online, but I know I can’t. I can take a picture and share that (and for what it’s worth, here it is) but the picture won’t do it justice. Even if I edit it on Snapseed or whatever – it still won’t really show the beauty that I saw.

And words can’t do it either, even though I’m good with words.

And I thought: it’s a bit like Continue reading


free and costly?

Come on in, I said, entry is free to anyone!

The cost of entry is far too high for some of us, he said.

I was talking about salvation through Jesus, but then thinking last night about this conversation I was reminded of that chocolate brownie I bought at a little bakery in Lincoln a few weeks ago. Let me take you there… Continue reading

on Luther, game playing, and things you don’t expect to hear from a Jewish woman


So I had this idea for a blog post about how Luther is my homeboy (kinda) and decided to have a little break first, chilling out with a game I like playing on my phone. And the metaphor just jumped … Continue reading

I’ve come to the conclusion that God is in the business of making stews, not casseroles.


He doesn’t just bung us in the oven and shut the door and leave us there till we’re done – no, it’s more like cooking a stew on top of the stove, taking a look every now and again to see how it’s doing, adding another ingredient, giving it a prod, stirring a bit, even turning the heat up a bit or down a bit…


The Court in Session

The court sat in session (that’s what courts do, right?) and the defendant was found guilty on all charges. The jury was almost unanimous: how could she do such a thing? they all shook their heads in fury.

How could she do such a terrible thing? Why did she do it?

One of the jurors said: yes, that’s a really good question, wouldn’t it have been great if the prosecutor had bothered to ask her that?