and now for something completely different

Good morning! It’s half past ten and I’m up and dressed and breakfasted and feeling wide awake, which may not strike you as the amazingly great big deal that it is to me – but Continue reading


the power of love

Unconditional love is so awesome.

This thought brought to you by a very easily distracted person, who sat in church yesterday and when it came to receiving the bread and wine the thoughts in her head went something like this: Continue reading

highs and lows – all good though


Yesterday was a wonderful day. Today I’m tired, staying in and recharging, but I’m ok with that. In both the highs and the lows I celebrate the unconditional love I have from God – he gave me strength yesterday to … Continue reading

No, I’m not strong, but that’s ok.


Remember you’re strong, they say. Remember all the stuff you’ve got through, you’ve survived… Well-intentioned social media memes, meant to encourage, but no, I can’t buy into this – I know the truth, I know how weak I really am, … Continue reading

Way beyond my dreams!


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One of the seriously fab things about the Christian life is seeing God answer my prayers in amazing ways – but recently I’ve been seeing something a lot more amazing than that. I’ve been seeing God do stuff that I … Continue reading