How about doing it now?


I’ve never thought of myself as a perfectionist, but… The past couple of weeks or so, I’ve come to realise: I have this thing about putting things off, waiting for the perfect moment – some things, not everything obviously, just … Continue reading

Note to Self

Just because someone has asked me a question,
it doesn’t mean I have to engage with it.

And it most definitely doesn’t mean I have to engage with it right now.

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This kind of relates to the Someone Is Wrong on the Internet syndrome – I’ve been having to learn Continue reading

This is cool!


I just discovered that I can get viewing stats for individual posts – ok, I’m sure I could have found out sooner but I’m not one for reading tutorials :)

how? go to your list of posts and click on the Stats icon for the post in question.

I’ve always thought it was odd that I couldn’t get that info on the stats page.

Note to self


Note to self: just because someone is a good writer, that doesn’t mean they’re also a nice person. If I like someone’s writing style, that doesn’t mean I’m going to enjoy following them on Twitter or on Google+ and getting to know them.

and vice versa: just because I like someone as a person, that doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily enjoy their writing. (which brings me to another note to self: I really must remember not to take it personally if friends don’t…)