Yay! Resistance isn’t futile! (but it used to be!)


So I’m sitting here with a box of very yummy chocolatey things beside me, and revelling in freedom. No, not the freedom to nosh these yummy things, though that’s nice too :) No, while I do love eating yummy chocolatey … Continue reading

The post I didn’t write

It’s that time of year again – Passover time!

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or: yes, Mum, I do a Seder every year

My mum rang me a couple of days before Passover. Apparently she had planned on phoning me the day of the Passover Seder, but my niece explained to her that it wouldn’t be a good time because I’d be busy with Seder preparations. My mum seemed surprised to hear that. One the phone she said, “I hear you’re making a Seder this year” and I said, kind of flustered, “but of course, I do this every year”… but then the conversation moved on to other things, and we didn’t really talk about why she was surprised, or about why I do host a Seder every year.

It was almost a week later, and I woke up with thoughts about writing a blog post titled something like “yes, mum, I do a Seder every year”, but then I came downstairs and my…

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