“Be the change you want to see”, he told me…


Yesterday I got into a brief conversation with some guy on Twitter. (Well, obviously brief, because Twitter.) It started with me living dangerously and retweeting one of his tweets with a comment I was pretty sure he wouldn’t like… His … Continue reading

but I don’t want to be stylish!

Every once in a while I find myself in need of the brain equivalent of marshmallows and I buy a women’s magazine. Then I sit on the sofa, reading the stuff and arguing with it…

Having sighed through an interview with Jerry Hall, who talks about not liking to have her picture taken now that she’s fat and wrinkly – kind of funny when the article is accompanied by her barbie-like airbrushed photos – I’ve now got to a page where the 71-year-old fashion designer Carolina Herrera talks about dressing well at whatever age you might be.

And here’s the bit that drove me to the keyboard:

Always choose style over fashion: if you want something fashionable but it doesn’t flatter you, put it to one side and wear something that makes you look beautiful. Whatever your age, shape or size, you can always have style.

I’m totally with her about not buying stuff that doesn’t flatter you just because it happens to be in fashion. I stopped being a slave to fashion over a decade ago.

But… style? I’ve just realised, this is exactly why all these women in the pictures in this magazine look so weird to me. They dress with style. And to me that is just so incredibly off-putting, there is no way I’d want to look like that! I don’t want to drive people like me away.

why do so many people just not get what it means to post publicly on the internet?

again and again this comes up at muds or user support and it drives me up the wall. people post “for everyone” and for some reason they seem to think that this doesn’t actually include everyone in the whole universe.

it’s come up when talking about the “fan” suggestion – oh, some say, but that means other people will be able to see my [public] posts in their inbox. well, duh, don’t post anything publicly that you don’t want strangers to see, because, guess what, they already can!

and now it’s come up again when discussing a suggestion to make it easier to share [public] posts on twitter and facebook – people voicing discomfort about the idea that someone would tweet their [public] posts. well, duh, people already can! the suggestion is just to make it easier to do something that is already possible.

what am I missing?