because he is wonderful
but not just that
also because
he is the only answer

because he is
the only way
but not just that
also because
he is wonderful

people sometimes wonder why I keep doing this, why do I blog about Jesus when the world around me would much prefer me to shut up, when the general consensus in western society is: don’t talk about religion, Continue reading

The power of prayer?

I’m reading a novel in which one of the characters, going through a difficult crisis and feeling desperate, does this thing which he used to do but hasn’t done in years: he lowers his head and brings his hands together on his lap and begins to pray.

He starts out feeling self-conscious but then the self-consciousness goes away and he feels what he sees as “the onset of a proper humility”. “Because I am nothing, he thought, just an ordinary man, a tiny speck of consciousness on a half burned-out star, precisely because of that I lower my head and pray. And it seemed to him at that moment that it did not matter if there was nobody listening; the very act of prayer was an acknowledgement of his humanity, a reminder of true scale.”

What struck me, though, was his thought afterwards:

“How foolish, he thought, to imagine that words uttered by him could change the world in the slightest way” – I feel this really touches on a very common misunderstanding Continue reading

The Old Map

Lyagushka (Meirav):

A conversation with a Christian friend just reminded me of this allegory I wrote a long while ago. It kind of illustrates part of my faith journey:

When I first met God and started reading the Bible, I was very excited. But my excitement was dampened by people around me – who sincerely regarded themselves as Christians – who seemed to take it all with a big pinch of salt. It was only 12 years later – back home in Israel – that I finally met a bunch of people who take the Bible seriously. It was a huge relief to find that yes, it is okay to believe this stuff!

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Just found something I wrote back in 2002, around the time when I was finally born again after 12 years in the church. (I wrote about this here.)

Imagine this…

You’ve heard of a very beautiful and special town and you’ve decided you want to go there. You ask someone for directions, someone who seems to know about that town. He takes you on a train and, after a few stops, says, ‘OK, this is where we get off.’

You get off the train and begin to settle in in this new place. You find somewhere to live, get a job, and find out where the shops are. There’s an old map you’ve carried with you, a map you found in the library back home – this map had sparked your interest in that special town and made you want to go there. But as you try to use…

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